Building a beautiful life

Building a beautiful life
In a collected home

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Rug Game

I have been agonizing over a rug for our living room for months.  To me an 8 x 11 rug is a big commitment.  I really just wanted to date or maybe shack up with one to make sure the relationship was going in the direction I wanted before making ANY kind of commitment.

Until I walked in to Ross for a pair of white linen lamp shades and walked out with this.


My eyes locked on that from across the store.  It was the tallest one in the rack of rugs so it immediately had my full attention.  Then I saw the colors up close and it was on.

Light gray, charcoal, 
navy and tobacco brown.  
The stuff a crazy girl's dreams are made of.
For $89 :)

So as soon as I managed to get this thing rolled out and straight ( all by myself) I moved the gray damask rug on in to our dining room.

Sometimes I do my best work when I have the house to myself!

Looks like a whole different room!

Huge rug. 
Not so huge price tag.
You gotta love that!


Monday, August 22, 2016

The Chapel On The Lake

Almost 27 years ago I stood in an anteroom of a Gothic chapel in a long white gown watching heavy rain fall on the waters of Lake Junaluska.  It was a few days after Hurricane Hugo came ashore on the coast of a South Carolina and it was pouring rain outside.   

On my wedding day.

All I could think about as I stood very still in that cool, stone walled room was something Kate Brown had said to me a few days before.

Happy is the bride the rain falls on

And she was right.

Every Sunday since May 13th I leave my house at 6:30am and drive to my hometown in Haywood County to spend the morning with my Dad.  Most Sundays I cook lunch for my Dad and my Aunt Wanda.  Sometimes, we want pancakes and GOOD coffee so we head to Maggie Valley for breakfast.

This Sunday was that kinda morning:)
After breakfast we always take the long way back home.  That road takes us to the Gothic chapel on the lake.

This place is very special to me.  
Over the years we've been here more times than I can count.  The chapel takes on an entirely new life with each of the four Seasons. We were married in the Fall so naturally it is my favorite. 

The structure is amazing from an architectural perspective but this time of year the grounds are the real show.

Oh,  and if you are afraid of geese?

Just don't get out of your car :) 


Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Little Bit Of Fall

I am ready for August to go 
bye bye
It's my least favorite month of the year.
The flowers are all spent, the heat and humidity are unbearable and it rains every day.
That sort of thing.  
Big Daddy has been out of town all week
so Ive had the joint to myself and I've been doing nothing but Paige Things.
Having cereal for supper
Binge watching Veronica Mars.
Ahhhh, good times :)

I've also been trolling Craigslist like a crazy woman and I'm here to tell you it has definitly been Paige's week .  I've found good, solid furniture at GREAT prices and also met some really nice folks.  My shop was once again picked clean so on my 'To Find' list almong other  things I'm always on the hunt for, like dressers, lamp bases and desks was some sort of dining table.  Right here is why you must read every single ad that is simply titled
Furniture. . . . 

For a handmade table.
I can't make this stuff up.

And a drop leaf, no less!  
That's my favorite kind of table.  They make great sofa or entry tables with the leaves down and they are really handy when you have a crowd for dinner.

This thing required very little work.  For one thing, that top was in really good shape.  All I did was rehydrate it with hemp oil.

I decided to paint the legs and apron white and then really sand it down good to highlight all of the knots and imperfections which to a nut like me makes this table just perfect.

I even got a little chippy action

Then I thought I might pretend for a bit.
Right now, I am really ready for Fall.

I walked in to my neighborhood Goodwill in the Spring and walked out with a box full of Johnson Bros brown transfer ware.  I've just been waiting to set a fall table with them.

I found these burlap acorns a couple of years ago at Michaels.  They have a little twine loop on them and I use them as napkin rings.  Between dinners I pile all of them in a wire bowl for display . 

Nice little spot for a dinner for two on a cool Fall evening.  

I'll have to remember that.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sometimes It Pays Off

Sometimes I don't know what in this world I was thinking.

But in this case I can probably guess.

I probably saw something with drawers in it for $5 and lost my mind.

I've had this chest at the bottom of a pile out in The Hell Hole since the first weekend in May.  I just kept walking around it and pilling crap up on it until I completely forgot it was even out there.  I had just spent two weeks chasing my tail on Craigslist and was getting pretty frustrated when I finally went and dug this little chest out and took a really good look at it.

And immediately plugged in my orbital

And I'm really glad I did!

I wish whoever took what appeared to be an electric carving knife to the top could see it now.  The mahogany finished up soooo lovely.

This beautiful, rich navy blue is an Americana Decor chalk paint color called

I'm really in love with this paint color.  
It makes me want to paint everything in my house navy.

No matter how amazing the deal you just got on a piece of furniture (with or without drawers) hardware can BREAK you.  I have made it my life's mission to find nice, cool and reasonable hardware. 

Alas, I have been relegated to mail order.

Home Depot.
Ship to store is FREE!

So I spent more for the pulls than the chest but at just over $13, 
I'm fine with that!

In person they look like galvanized metal.

This was a $4 Goodwill find.

As I was painting this chest I had my heart set on it being the world's greatest navy blue coffee table .  When I hauled it in to our living room my heart sank a bit because it's taller than I thought.

Now I'm thinking it should go at the foot of a bed.  Either way, it's next stop is my shop!


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