Building a beautiful life

Building a beautiful life
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dollar Store Charger Redo

Everybody on the face of this Earth knows at least one thing about me:
When I get something in my Crazy Little Head . . . 
I can not get it out of it.
So I haven't set foot in a Dollar Tree in 
For-Ever, till today.  As I was prowling each aisle when I came across a huge stack of gold chargers and my wheels started to turn.  I have two sets of chargers to my name, one is antique silver the others is rattan.  And most of the time these are sufficient.  
Then the Holidays roll around and I go NUTS!

Alas, I am a Tightwad.
There are worse things that I could be.

I spent $7

I came home with 6 of those gold chargers and a 98 cent can of flat fast drying black spray paint from Walmart.
And I went to work:)

This entire project took me less than one hour.  I've used the 98 cent spray paint COUNTLESS times and it never disappoints!  The finish is a perfectly flat black, it only takes one coat and it dries super fast!

Perfect for a NUT like me!

It took me at least four tries to get this right and I had to wipe the chalk off with a lint free cloth. 

 My little sprayed on finish held up well.

Most of the chargers I see in TJ Max cost that much for one.

I can think of a few more variations of this same project.  

We will see what else I can do with these $1 chargers!


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Seasonal Tea Towel Art

I do not really invest a lot of money in seasonal decor, except for Christmas.
And I am currently rethinking that.
I just don't want to store a bunch of stuff that I only take out once a year.  So when I find something that is seasonal, cheap and serves more than one purpose
I grab it.

This is actually a linen tea towel that I found at Homegoods for $10!

It was mixed in with all of the Halloween dish towels so I actually feel like I did it a favor rescuing it.  

I fell in love with the colors!  
It is way too lovely to be thrown In 
our dish towel drawer in the kitchen.

I pressed it really well with a hot iron and dug an old thrifted frame out of the garage to put it in.  I think I may actually end up painting this frame black, now that I really think about it.  
We will see.

I'm not really sure why I didn't think about doing this before now.  I see these gorgeous  linen tea towels ALL the time at Homegoods and Marshals.  I've even given them as gifts.  Last Christmas I found an amazing one made in Italy and I used it to wrap a good bottle of wine for my friend Donna.  I've just never gotten one for myself.

Till now :)

A $4 frame and a pretty towel.
It does not get any easier or much cheaper than that.

Lord, this is about to be my new Mania.

I can see it coming.  


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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Southern Curated: One Year Later

Today marks the one year anniversary of my shop down at Sweeten Creek Antiques.  I'd been painting and selling furniture, mostly to family and friends for almost a year and a half before I took the plunge and rented myself a space in a large Antiques Mall.  Big Daddy and I loaded up his big SUV and my Jeep in the driving rain and moved me in to my first space.  After he went on home and I was there by myself I took HOURS arranging and re arranging my furniture.  I agonized over every flat surface, styling every tabletop and perfectly plumping each pillow that I'd handmade and karate chopping it in the middle.   I stood back for a long while and looked at my shop that I had waited sooo long for and felt good about what I saw and left for the day. 
I got in to my Jeep . . . 
And I  was  absolutely scared to death.

What if I suck at this?  What if I have to pack all this up and go home with my tail between my legs?  I'm telling you a blue million things were RACING through my crazy little head as I drove back home.  

I purposely stayed away from my shop for days.  I think it was about ten days later that I ran down there, all casual like just to see if my shop needed any fluffing of straightening up.  The first thing I noticed as I rounded the corner was

Holes everywhere!  
And I have NEVER looked back.

Today I wanted to share the most important things that I've learned over the past year.  
In no particular order:

1.  Booth Styling is EVERYTHING !

I feel the need to style my little shop exactly like MY own home/taste.  I don't try to be anyone else at all.  I love old and beautiful things and I don't want to pay a Go-zillion dollars for it.  Apparently there are lots of people who appreciate this and they shop at my booth.

2. Do pay attention to design and decor trends and make it more affordable for your target demographic of shoppers.  

Right now Junk is hot as a firecracker .  Except they are calling it by several different names.  When I'm out picking for my shop I try to stick to inexpensive alternatives in the same vein as Farmhouse or Cottage or Industrial Chic.

3.  Keep your price range BROAD.

I would really like to afford something in my shop.  I get super agrivated in anyone's shop if I can't afford a single thing that I pick up.  And I certainly don't want that to happen to anyone in mine.

4.  Stick with what you do the VERY best.

Do not try to do it all.  
I know my limitations and I try to consistently steer myself away from things that I'm not good at.  
I stick to these:
Painted TRADITIONAL furniture
Accessories that I personally love
Pillow covers
English Transferware  and white ironstone 
In a nutshell, what's in my own home.

5.  Stick to Furniture that has sold well for you.
In the order that sells best in my shop:

Dining tables
Small tables

These all fly out of my booth, but I price them to sell.  I do not price them to keep as very expensive China's display surfaces.

6.  Advertise on Craigslist 
Both locally and in Larger surrounding cities.
I have to thank BIG DADDY for this one.  I advertise on Craigslist  in Charlotte, Greenville SC and Knoxville TN as well as Asheville.  
Lord, it's FREE!  Do it!!!

7.  Have Sales a few times a year

Post the sale in your booth and be sure to leave a copy with the checkout people up front.  That way there is no confusion. Also advertise the sale on your business pages on Social Media.

8.  Lastly, my Definite DONT'S

Single Chairs
Well chairs period if I'm being honest.

Single lamps.
Pairs sell much better. 

Seasonal decor excluding Christmas.

The word FIRM on a price tag.
I will bargain on my large pieces of furniture if it's reasonable. The folks at the checkout at Sweeten Creek Antiques call my cell with the offers and I either accept or counter.  
I rarely pass completely.  

I learned all of this via Trial and Error, as I do most things in life and I'm sure thing will vary in different areas of this country.  I would love to know other people's experiences with their booths.  Please share this with me and others I the comments.  
I would greatly appreciate them!


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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Enjoying Fall Out On The Deck

OOOh the evenings out on our deck are so nice this time of year!  I love to grab a glass of wine and a book or a BIG stack of magazines and head out there about four o'clock :)

It is most definitely the 
New Camp Paige.

Big Daddy came home from work  this evening and found me out here.
'Did you drag everything in the house out  here???'

Just the pretty stuff.
And everything orange I could find :)

I've never thought about Marigolds in the Fall.   I found these at my grocery for $4 and I love those colors.  The roses also come from my grocery, out of the '3 for $10' buckets.  There were three orange roses per pack.

I also moved my chalkboard from the front porch out here and redid it for the Season.

This was an easy project a couple of years ago.  I just repurposed an old frame that was going to the dumpster at my office.  All I did was paint right over the glass with chalkboard paint.

Thanks for stopping by!


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