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Building a beautiful life
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Monday, December 5, 2016

Evergreen & Old Silver : Our Christmas Mantle

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 
'round here !

Usually I struggle with our mantle.  
It is WAY too long, among other things.  But this year it came together really well.
Even Big Daddy loves it.
And his stocking!

I'm here to tell y'all after almost 30 years together he is still my Santa Clause and we still stuff each other's  stockings on Christmas Eve.
In secret.

It all started this year with this big wreath.    
And I mean REALLY BIG.
 Like, too big for my living room but they frown on returning live wreaths at BB Barnes.

Plus, I just love it.

You can smell this thing all over our house. 
I really feel bad for folks who can't have live evergreens inside there house.

This feather tree I found this past weekend while I was on the Biltmore Estate with my two Mamas, my Aunt Wanda and Aunt Carolyn.  All of their Christmas decor was 50% off :) I wanted to add a bit more height to it though so I sat it on top of an antique silver pedistal dish,

And just added a few more sliver pieces from my collection, as well as a feather or two.

Sliver seemed the logical choice since our sticking holders are little silver trees.

Emmitt approves :)


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Easy Tips To Dress Up Store Bought Stockings

Good morning !
Let be just begin this post by saying two things:

1.  This  project is easy.  
Even kids can do this.

2.  I had soooo much fun doing this!!!!

I bought these stockings at least two years ago at Hobby Lobby  in Myrtle Beach.  My intention was to monogram them and I just never got around to it.  So this week as we were digging through all of our Christmas decorations I came across them and decided to doll them up a bit to coordinate with the new colors we are currently using in our living room.  I got a roll of gray and white checked ribbon at Walmart for less than $3 and and a single square of gray felt at Michaels $.39 and off I went!

Next, I went to the computer and printed out our initials on to a piece of heavy card stock.  This would become my pattern for my felt initials.

I used Georgia for my font and 350 point for the size.  I wanted my initials pretty chunky.  

I fooled around with their placement until I was happy and then tacked them down in a few placed to make sure the looked good when they were hung.  Once I was happy then I hot glued the entire letter to each stocking.

I did the same thing for my plaid ribbon.  I tacked the ribbon on in just a few places making sure that the overlap of each end of that ribbon was on the back of the stocking.  When I was pretty sure I had the ribbon straight I glued the entire ribbon down.  

Then I could not leave well enough alone.

Big shock there.

Y'all can now add 'button' to my list of hoards.  I love how these tortoise shell buttons look on Big Daddy's stocking!

And abalone for me.

So less than $4 to doll up these babies and in a few years when I want to change them yet again ......

It peels right off :)

Have fun!


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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Chalkboard For The Christmas Season


I love everything about it. 
I love the lights, the movies on Lifetime, I love the SMELL.  And by smell I mean Frasier  Fir and orange peel.  I don't care if it's the 4th of July, I can smell either one of those things and I instantly think of Christmas.
But I do not go nuts on Store Bought Christmas.  
I go nuts on Natural Christmas. 
Or maybe  I should say Organic Christmas.

This is my very first project of the Christmas Season.

I like to do a different chalkboard every year.  This year I chose a quote from our favorite movie to watch in December.  I think we have six versions.  

Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in 1843.  It was published on December 19th of that year. He wrote the book in hopes of bringing the plight of the poor and needy to light.  There is a small , red first addition of Mr. Dickens' book on display in the library at the Biltmore House here in Asheville. 

I personally think he probably put the fear of God in to a lot of people as well.

My very favorite thing to do when it comes to decorating for Christmas is bring in fresh evergreen in to our home. I used cypress clippings in the arrangement.  They look good for a least a couple of weeks and they don't shed!

I also use red and green books in my Christmas decore.  You'd be amazed how lovely a small stack of red books looks on your coffee or bedside tables.

In keeping with Mr. Dickens' wish I would like to encourage you to keep the needy in mind this Christmas.  Clean out your coat closet.  Donate a couple of blankets. 

Don't pass by that little red kettle.


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Friday, November 25, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Table

Good morning! 
 I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving !  We are currently lounging about in our feety pajamas and contemplating our next BIG move:
Cleaning up that God forsaken kitchen!

Since I've written several post regarding  ideas and inspiration for your Thanksgiving table I thought I might share what our Thanksgivings table actually looked like.

We actually set two tables for Thanksgiving .  The other table is in the dining area of our kitchen but I forgot to photograph it. 

The 'Give Thanks' plates I found last year on clearance at Marshals for less than $3 each.  I just love them.  The white china dinner plates with the silver rim are part of an entire set of china that my Mother in law gave me this past Summer.  The set belonged to a dear friend of hers.  For Thanksgiving dinner I used the plates and the sweet little gravy boat.  

Thanks for stopping by :)

Enjoy this holiday weekend!


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